It Takes 20

It Takes 20 - Walking Map of Prestwich

Prestwich is full of so many great points of interest, historical sights and of course some of the best independent businesses.

But did you know it is all within walking and riding distance?


Take a look at our It Takes 20 Map to see just a few of the key locations and some short walking routes that you can use to see a little bit more of our wonderful village and surrounding area. From St Marys Church, Heaton Park, Drinkwater Park, Hope Square, The Longfield precinct, High streets of Bury New Road and Bury Old Road to the streets and cafes and parks in between.

Whether it’s a walk to our large parks on either side, a little pootle around the streets or a visit to our notable and historic locations we have a starter map for you to download, share and add too.

We also are aware of great community groups such as the Prestwich and Whitefield Heritage society, Whittaker Lane Walking group and many more all focussed on getting out for a walk in our local area …..

Huge thanks to the very talented Michael from Sketchbook Design for creating our map.

So why don’t you take a walk around or go out for a ride and explore what we have whilst stretching your legs too.

Things to see in 20 minutes in Prestwich

Prestwich 20 minute routes

Look out for these route signs popping up around Prestwich. Whether it’s a walk to Heaton Park or Phillips Park, a loop via the tram stops in Prestwich or a wander to the Clough and along Bury New Road there are many great routes in and around Prestwich Village. Get curious and follow a route. But remember stop and look around and check out our wonderful Village. Tell others or take someone with you.

Heaton Park
Phillips Park Loop
The Clough Loop
Tram Stop Loop
Bury New Road

It Takes Each Of Us

Do you know a neighbour or a friend who may want to walk with you? Why not knock on and invite them to take a stroll and maybe grab a coffee together too. Sometimes it takes the smallest acts of kindness, a simple invitation from someone else to give a friend or a neighbour that little bit of support and help them get out an about.

It Takes a Connection or Two

Use this map as a starting point to explore our wonderful village. Add your own routes. Share with friends and family. The map can also be found on our website to download.

Download the map and make sure that you get out and enjoy our great village. Why not tell us about your walks, the stories you create and the people you met along the way.

Over to you for 20 Minutes of walking

We would also like to share the following links with further great information on walks and routes in our local area.

Prestwich and Whitefield Heritage Society

Prestwich and Whitefield Heritage Society

Whittaker Lane Walking Group

Whittaker Lane Medical Centre Walks

GM Walking

Greater Manchester Walking Routes

And Thanks to our collaborators

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