Welcome to Prestwich Village

This is where you can see information about Prestwich Village and all of its great businesses, community groups and local events.

We love Prestwich Village.

A connected place, a wonderful community and we believe a greater part of Manchester. Everything you need to live well is just 20 minutes walk from your doorstep.

Independent businesses with local owners. Community groups bringing people together.

Wonderful cultural and local events to bring the best out of each other. Plus, we are surrounded by stunning parks, forests and trails.

As the saying goes; It Takes a Village …

Take a look at our local businesses

It takes all of us to make a village and each and every local business is run by people who live and work in the Prestwich area.

Take a browse through our directory for more information on Prestwich Village businesses.

No advertising, no ranking – just connecting with businesses who live and are based in M25.


With thanks to those who have supported us on this great local project